Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Bad news for East Africa, neither gorilla national parks in the Virunga Mountains nor the Mt. Kilimanjaro or the Masai mara has appeared among the top ten positions in the seven world wonder competition which has been running for days now and yet these are tourism attraction from East Africa that joined the competition. Those on top positions include the Dead Sea, the wonderful Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef plus so many other attractions from Asian countries that fill up the rest of the positions. However it is also very important to note that this time the campaign to vote for the domestic tourism attractions in countries that are in the top position have been greater than before and this was done through widening the internet coverage in countries and great encouragement from the regional, the local and the national tourism board members which motivated the citizens to they voted in large numbers than before.
Despite the fact that Cape Towns Table mountain had a nice follow up, it has not managed to get on the top ten positions yet it was expected to be among them. While the East African tourism attractions are not performing as expected, the tourism board and other private sectors members are in London attending the world’s second valuable trade fair in the tourism industry and perhaps they can cover up with a wonderful presentation and then can ask other visitors to vote for their tourists attraction to get at least one of them into the top ten positions. Though we wishing all participants the best of luck in this campaign, it would be so wonderful if at least one of East Africa’s attractions turns out to be among the world’s best attraction because East Africa really has a lot wonderful features only that the voters are not as many as they supposed to be for East Africa to get to such a position.

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