Tuesday, 15 November 2011


For long time Uganda wildlife Authorities officials and former executives have been under pressure due to the Rash decisions and bad decisions made. A source close to the center of the controversy said that all was triggered by Otafires.  This came out when it became known that the now Minister for Justice had called once again to the UWA Commission of Enquiry earlier in the week when he directed that the Commissions top counsel stop working after it became public knowledge that he had, in collaboration with others publicly disagreed with  the commission chair Kanyeihamba.
It is in lime light that the commission is operating under Tourism therefore why is Otafire getting involved. This is quite ambiguous for everyone. The reason for his involvement is still in doubt. but maybe he is trying to save his man Kanyeihamba. For that reason, the term of the commission ended in August and it was ordered by the competent minister to wind up and submit a report. Surprisingly, it seems the commission chair is requesting for another extension instead of writing his report. The dispute with his members is also at the moment public knowledge and we wonder if we get one report signed by all or two reports signed by the factions only added the same source, understandably on condition of strictest anonymity, scared of a witch search for informers.
For the time being, the appointment of a new board of trustees for the Uganda Wildlife Authority still not confirmed before the minister Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu as is the decision over the issues of the acting Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya, leaving the organization in more doubt. The latest public spats will with no question put some added efforts to have these issues resolved at the very earliest chance as UWA deserves to get back to a level of normality with a properly constituted board in place and the position of Executive Director sorted out once and for all, to put past upheavals and operational paralysis at the back and get on with significant important conservation work.
When finally the report is signed and presented, better usage of funds from national parks like Bwindi National park where Mountain gorillas reside, wildlife wealthy national parks and Forest reserves will be implemented. Watch what is coming up.

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