Monday, 21 November 2011


To date, a number of countries seem to be working so hard towards the growth and development of their tourism industry and Namibia has followed the same route like the wrest of the countries given the fact that it has got the resource to maintain very powerful tourism industry which includes the various physical features, the wild life which need just little more attention to attract tourists.
There is a birding project located at a renown Bird Paradise which is situated at the North of Walvis Bay with over 20,000 birds and it has become a base for most recent tourism activities and here are the sewage ponds and when the sewage has passed through the first pond, it becomes an attraction for birds since the water will appear some how clean and so, so many birds will come to the ponds and hopefully, this project will be beneficial to people especially the youths who wish to known more about these birds and also offer them an opportunity to acknowledge the importance of environmental conservation as mentioned by Karel Naibab who is the managing Guide Paradise Birds and a youth as well. He also mentions clearly that these youths will have a chance to check out the bird sanctuary with so many bird species and also learn a lot that they may not be aware of.
The Dolomite camp is a fabulous accommodation facility situated in the western side o the Etosha national park in a place which has been out of bounds for people for about 100 years.  It is anew lodge built on the top of the dolomite ranges with a water hole in front of it which attract animal like the black rhinos, the Impala and the Hartman Mountain Zebra.
There are so many geographical attractions around this lodge which would keep a tourist busy while there and they include the gently rolling hills, the plains and the saline pans. There also so many other water holes around the lodge plus the old rock art. There have been over 1000 guests at this camp since it opened up in June however; it was opened officially over the weekend by President Hifikepunye Pohamba.
The reports from travel and tourism ministry as reported by the tourism minister Nandi Ndaitwah show that he expects the travel and tourism to come up with 32,000 both direct and the indirect jobs during the period of MTEF which will mean a total of 7.4% employment creation and then N$16.3 billion to GDP at the same bringing it to 19.9 % in the year 2010.

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