Monday, 21 November 2011


There are sad news coming from Botswana about a missing tourist. The Botswana bulletin show that this tourist from South Africa is still nowhere to be found even after along period of search for his where about. He was reported missing last week after he jumped out of his vehicle so that he could get assistance to locate their way out the Chobe national park. This was after he and his wife got lost from this park and at the same time their vehicle got stuck in the sand that it could not move, he opted to move on foot to find help but unfortunately he never returned since then.
The responsible parties in Botswana have been on search for this South African for the whole week but still have not yet found him, they are however still search through the entire park until when they found a clue of where he might have headed to however, the officer heading the search says it is better if his people did not keep their hope high because it most likely that he is already dead given the fact that its not 3 weeks since his disappearance, he could not have probably survived the jungle and the wild animals in it.
There tourism minister in Botswana therefore advises all tourists to always be conscious about incidences like this and always learn from them so that such cases do not have to repeat themselves however, he promised to improve on the security of the part, all the parts of park with out tight security will get security guards in order to keep the tourists safe.

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