Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Uganda is expected to become the main tourist center of focus when the 7 wonder national project begins and this project is expected to increase the country’s revenue up to about $2.5 billion per year from just the tourism sector.
This project was speared by the president of Uganda tourism Association together with the Tourism investor Mr. Amos Wekesa Masaba and sponsored by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU). During Ugandan club’s launch at Kampala Serena hotel, it was mentioned that the 7 wonder project will help Uganda improve its tourism sector both the within and outside the country through the use various trademarks. This is the first and leading campaign and it will involve asking all Ugandans within and outside to make their choice concerning the country’s 7 wonder beginning with the President and his entire cabinet, the parliament before involving the whole country and if this campaign turns out to be a success, Uganda will start earning $2.5billin per year from tourism as mentioned by Mr. Wekesa.
The PSFU has introduced a program  through the world bank to finance the process of looking the country’s tourists attraction from all the tourism stake holders from which they will chose the best 30 natural wonder and it will be from these 30 that the Ugandans will have to chose the best 7 natural wonders of Uganda. Voting for the 7 natural wonders will be done via the media like the radio, via internet or through text messages on your mobile phones.
There will be an examination done by Ernest and Young which is an international consultant firm to find out the excellent and uncommon features in Uganda preferably not existing in any other East African country. The features searched for include the flora, fauna. Animals in the national parks, water bodies, feature with in the historical and the cultural sites and the search will cover all parts of the country to be able to get the best and the most unique features that Uganda has got.  Campaign is sponsored b the Uganda wild life Authority, the Uganda tourism board, USAID and many others and it aims at improving competition in the tourism sector and publicize the those unknown tourism attraction, say Mr. Gideon Badaggawa the chief executive director of PSFU. We hope to achieve the best out of this campaign and get the best 7 unique.

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