Monday, 28 November 2011


Reports coming in from Mauritius about it the current water shortage situation in the country show that it is most likely to spread across the entire country in the coming months of December and January 2012 which is the time for Christmas and New Year thus a holiday season for many traveler around the world therefore a good season for many hotels, beaches and other tourism centers. This will in the long run affect the tourist resort when they can not supply their visitors with sufficient water for use while staying in their hotels however; this might not only affect the tourist sector but rather all the people in the whole country. According to reporters from the Island, this shortage of water is as a result of the reduction in the amount of rain received in Mauritius in the past few years creating a situation which is similar to that in Seychelles therefore leaving most of the water reservoirs almost empty and this has forced the water supplying company to reduce on the amount of water it supplies to the different part of the country.
It has been noted that tourist resorts are offered first priority in the supply of water and also get trucks whenever it is necessary unfortunately this might not been possible any more with the on going water problem which is not expected to become better any time soon but rather become worse in the future years. This will therefore require more funds from the responsible bodies to be allocated to water harvesting/resources.
The Seychelles, unlike the Mauritius has built solid and strong desalination plants to pump water from the sea though at a stronger and much higher incurred costs for each unit than those incurred for the harvested water.

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