Wednesday, 16 November 2011


In the entire east African community, Tanzania has been almost out of the tourist destination map. But since this year begun, it has tried to fight so hard to be a better tourist destination.  It started by capturing the ships that were transporting ivory and now it has opened a national college for tourism. The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism the previous week launched the country’s first National College for Tourism, which is to compete with other institutions to train relevant hospitality and tourism courses to equip skills to young Tanzanians wishing to join the sector. The new development is to compete with the existing private vocational training institutions and courses at university level.
Since agriculture has always been the best bread earner for the entire east African community, the trend is now changing because the soil has become quite infertile.  Other means like tourism are almost taking the lead and there for there is need to get people with the skills. Many think that handling wildlife safaris, gorilla safaris, mountaineering and so many others is just a walk over but serious training is needed to satisfy those interested.  However several existing privately owned colleges and schools offer more of theoretical studies; usually allegedly of inferior quality producing graduates subsequently rejected by employers for lack of practical skills, those in demand regional institutes like the Kenya Utalii College, renowned for its quality education, do not have the capacity to admit more students.
The upcoming categorizing exercise across the region is also thought to steer up investment in better trained staff and in house in addition to external training, as the quality and experience of staff are a important part of the catalogue of criteria for awarding star ratings to hotels, resorts, safari lodges and camps and restaurants. This new venture is reported to seek admission shortly to the Association of Hotels Schools in Sub Saharan Africa, in short AHSSA, under which most leading public and private institutions are get together to cooperate in matching their curriculum and their course contents in addition to examination standards, thus providing internationally recognizable Certificates and Diplomas attained under the same strict guidelines. The institute will provide for as many as 600 students to be enrolled and study at the same time.
The class of tourism is to be improved from soon. Watch the space East Africa

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