Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The world is becoming heated up because trees have been cut down and there is a lot of carbon that has been emitted to the atmosphere causing global warming yet tress could have reduced this. For that matter, the World wide Fund has come up with a program to support afforestation in countries like Kenya. Over 25000 tree seedlings have been donated to Kenya to replant them along the Mara River. This area is one of the key life arteries of the Masai Mara ecosystem. The trees will be planted from its catchment area, near the banks of the river and its key contributories. This program is a brainchild of WWF, which has also earmarked at least two contributory rivers flowing into the Mara River in Narok and close by districts.
Rumors from a reliable source were heard in this week that 62 elephant had been transferred from conflict critical parts of these districts into the Masai Mara Game Reserve, and the planting of trees is taken as a protective measure to make it a point that the future uninterrupted water flow in important rivers in the sub region bordering the conservancies close to the Masai Mara and the game reserve itself.
As for the Kenya’s Mau forest, it has been in the news bulletins of late over government’s half hearted effort to restore the forests encroached areas but evictions have not been very effective in spite of the recognition that this forest is one of Kenya’s most significant water towers, that requires restoration to its former size to prevent the rivers from drying up. Also to avoid major environmental degradations by soil erosion, usually that comes as a result of flash floods which occur more and more because of the sharply reduced forest cover.
With such measure, the world’s global warming problems  are soon coming to the end.

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