Wednesday, 16 November 2011


There were a number of animals that were lost in the fire. Some weeks back, a fire caught Etosha National Park and it claimed lives 30 rhinos of which 25 were black while the 5 were white, 50 giraffe, 7 elephants and 2 lions as well as 370000 hectares of vegetation cover. Report from the park’s official shows that the fire started when it was so huge and was intensified by the strong winds blowing a cross the park and there no way they could stop it from spreading across.
The park warden at Okaukuejo, Shayne Kotting says they anticipated great fires because of the rain they have had in a period of months and he together with the staff prepared for such an incident for about 2 months now, they are therefore ready to  face his problem. He mentioned that they were only unable to put out the fire because it was stronger than the firebreaks they had put in place though they had been widened. It is important to note that Etosha national park has got the highest population of black rhinos in the whole world which explains why they were the most hurt among all the animals in the park.
According to the tourism minister,  there will be much better strategies lied on the ground to see that what happened does not repeat itself especially since tourism is one of the major sources of revenue to the national. There were a number of wild animals lost in the fire which would have led to an increase in the number of animals in the park in the near future and so their dead is a huge loss to the country thus the need to improve on their security so as to keep them safe from future incidences like this one.

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