Wednesday, 23 November 2011


The white gold and ivory are the two commodities whose prices have surely shoot so high within a very short period of time. The two have come to be well known expressing a supposed truth in the past few years thus the reason for the increases demand for the white gold and the ivory from the potential buyers in the recent years. There is quick development operations resulting from the increased desire and supply of ivory from the possible sellers especially at the time when China’s economy is fairing very well while as the other powerful countries (Asian tigers) have led to the increased demand for the blood ivory so they can make some of their complicated carvings, other decorative materials and the mundane materials like the seals, chop sticks among. There are applications for one off sale which is at times grant and at times denied however accepting even a single sale can lead to increased poaching in the national parks something that the conservationist are up against as mentioned by a conservation source from Tanzania.
There are tons of ivory that is stored in some of the so called strong rooms in so many of these countries in the Eastern and in the Southern parts of African and so the more they get, the higher is the pressure to control the sales in the responsible forces. The only sale that is legal involves selling tusks got from elephants that have died of either of old age or from other diseases and in addition to this,  is the ivory seized from the poachers as they try to export it outside the country and end up getting caught from the air port however, the conservationists do not agree with the sale of the seized ivory saying that this will increase the rate at which poaching is  due to the fact that they will have satisfied the demands of the interested buyers after all.
There is a great need to improve on the security measures employed in all the national parks where poaching for ivory I very common in order to be able to preserve and conserve the African beauty in terms of wild life.

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