Monday, 21 November 2011


Tanzania took the opportunity that all the experts were present in the meeting the wild life meeting which took place in Dar es Salaam and introduced a matter which was not expected and discussed it under the Lusaka wildlife protection Agreement. Tanzania asked committee members to be permitted in the coming world CITES meeting to sell the ivory stock. The tourism minister Mr. Maige was very quick and very clear about his country’s interest regarding the sell of ivory and therefore was looking at the details of the Agreement at the opening session of the 10th council meeting. However, this is something that the other members did not agree with and felt that the matter had been raised at the wrong time since the meeting was called for to discuss matters concerning conservation, policies for peace and other stronger laws and regulations to follow to protect the wild life so that there will be a reduction in the rate at which poaching is done.
Tanzania together with Zambia wanted to get the permission to go on and sell Ivory legally but they were not successful since they were out voted by the rest of the members on the committee who did not support their idea and they swore to come with new application to their next meeting in 2013. Kenya unlike Tanzania and Zambia destroyed a number of tons of ivory was a way of challenging and opposing the habit of poaching and the sell blood ivory in Kenya though he was mocked by Tanzania’s Maige the Tourism minister who said that destroying the ivory is not the solution to its trade and so Kenya had better think of a better solution.

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