Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Sources from Rwanda report that it (Rwanda) will be importing lions and Rhinos from South Africa in the coming year 2012 in an effort to improve on the country’s tourism sectors especially due to the fact that a lot of wildlife was illegally killed by poachers in the past years which led to a reduction in the number of tourism attractions that the country has got. This was said by Rica Rwigamba an official from the wildlife department while addressing the press.
As per now, there is only one rhino in the Rwanda which is found in Akagera national park and when the refugees came back home  after the genocide in 1994,they settled in some parts of the park and hence driving the lions out of the park since their hiding places had been destroyed.  says Rica who is the director of tourism and also added that they have started on the fencing of the whole national park hoping to be done by February 2012 and then bring in the animals however, she did not mention how many animals they are to import.
As of to date, the main tourism attraction that Rwanda has got are the mountain gorillas and yet most of them are in Virunga at the boarder of Rwanda, DR.Congo and Uganda.

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