Monday, 28 November 2011


Tanzania’s travel start which is an online travel agency has now opened up its new shop in Kenya in its effort to utilize the available East African community market. Mr. Mustafa Rajani who is the Managing Director of the Travel state according to reports from Dar Es Salaam, he was noted to have said that though the agency opened just last year, its operations have been a success and has therefore managed to expand to Nairobi and very soon will be in all the capital cities of all East African countries.
The flights on the website are not expensive at all, with so many other airlines and so the choice is yours to make. Payments can be made by cash, bank deposit, M-Pesa or use of credit cards after the booking has been made. He also added that for those potential customers who can not access internet services to buy the tickets on line, they can always find them (tickets) in any of their outlets which are responsible for the traditional travel department.
Aside from the fact that they have got very cheap flight offers, travel start website can be accessed throughout the day and the entire week which is advantageous to those who may wish to travel over the weekends while other travel agencies have closed their shops, says Mr. Mustafa. He also mentioned that the company will soon open a promotion offer where they will be offering free accommodation for one night as a complimentary to those who will book with the company the Dar-Mwanza or the Dar- Dubai flights.
However, it is very important to note that there is a significant development in the aviation industry with the opening up of a number of airlines with a short period of time and they include airlines like the Fly 540, Emirates airlines, the Turkish airlines, the Egyptian airline as well as the Qatar airlines.

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