Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Here comes another Mellia international hotel. It is a newly opened hotel located in Zanzibar Kenya and it is a five star resort with all the necessary facilities to ensure that their guests stay comfort while with them. Mr. Marko Janssen who is the general manager of this new hotel told the news reporters later last week that he was glad they had finally opened the hotel something they had waited for, for quiet some time.
Mr. Marko also mentioned that it is a beautiful resort with wonderful luxurious beach facilities offering the best new experience of the African wilderness and so the guests will definitely have  memorable tours.
There is a group of trainers employed by the hotel management to specifically train the employees in their respective department but most especially those who prepare the meals and drinks for the guests so that they can become the best chefs and be able to provide the best  dishes to the clients around. At the same time, all employees from all departments like the room attendants, the cleaners, security guards, among others are expected to provide the best quality services to their guests so that they can enjoy staying with them. Tanzania has become the 3rd country in Africa after Egypt and Cape Verde to acquire a Mellia international group of hotels but the very first East African country to get involved in this king of business and they  chose Zanzibar simply because it has got the spectacular views around and a beautiful environment which are key issues in this kind of field/ industry.
After the hotel was changed to fit the standards of the Mellia hotels and resorts, it opened officially on the 1st October 2011 and it strives to become a place with the best luxury facilities and Spanish quality in one of the most tourist attraction places in Africa but precisely in East Africa. Apart from the Mellia hotels in Cape Verde and in Egypt which offer Spanish brands, Zanzibar is another place with the same brand thus an achievement worth the celebration.

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  1. I totally love this place and have to visit again this coming December for holiday season with my family.

    Pousada Ubatuba