Monday, 28 November 2011


There are rhinos and lions are expected to be bought by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) next year from South Africa for Akagera national park in an effort to increase on the number of wild animals in that park thus increase on the number of tourist attractions which will eventually lead to an increment in the number of tourists visiting the park. The decrease in the number of wild animal in Akagera is as a result of the high levels of poaching more so in the 1980s and the 1990s.
Rica Rwigamba who is the head of department responsible for tourism at the Rwanda Development Board while addressing the New Times yesterday, she said they have plans of having Akagera national park stocked with more animal but specifically with rhinos and lions so that they can improve on the Rwanda’s tourism potentials and so be able to compete variably with the rest of the countries in East Africa. She however could not reveal all the details of their programme to the press butt was very confident to say that for now they do not have  clear information as regards the terms of financial support that they may need especially given the fact that they will be starting the restocking before next year comes to an end.
There is just one rhino in Akagera national park at the moment which has is under great protection and care, with all its movements monitored with the help of a tracking device just to keep it safe from harm. Akagera is the most common animal sanctuary in Rwanda’s savanna regions and it has got animals like the hippos, the antelopes, the buffaloes, elephants and so many others that are common in the East African region.

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