Monday, 21 November 2011


Seychelles was recognized as an asset to the sustainable tourism committee during the last meeting of all the member countries of UNWTO which took place in South Korea. This has come as a result of Seychelles’ continuous effort to promote sustainable tourism as well as protecting the environment come as its first priority. The board members where led by Alain St.Ange who was there on behalf of Seychelles and as the CEO of his country’s tourism board.
Seychelles has 50% of its land and ocean taken up as reserved/ protected area and this has got the country to the top of the global list of the environment protecting countries and it has launched it master plan to environmental conservation to be able to achieve sustainable development and this is sign of serious commitment to ensure that there is constant development in Seychelles whose economy greatly depends greatly on tourism a side from fishing.
Seychelles had to sign a memorandum of understanding with Abu Dhabi after coming up with their recent master plan for the country’s future development  which is apart of a group of islands, this operation will be in conjunction with the Seychelles Planning Authority as mentioned by Victoria. In the new master plan, transport infrastructure is the major issue where by improvement in the transport system should not have any negative effect on the environment or affect the traditional architectural style in the cities in these islands in any way. There is a group of professional people from both Seychelles and Abu Dhabi who are more concerned with the development/ expansion of  the city and these experts are expected to provide a report  about their work as far as the plan is concerned after 6 months.

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